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Cancer and Leo are incredibly different, but have one major thing in common: they’re both ruled by the luminaries

Cancer is ruled by the moon, while Leo is ruled by the sun, so they both tend to be the center of attention, but in very different ways. Because of this, they may find that they gravitate toward each other because there’s a sense of familiarity, but whether this friendship can stand the test of time is complicated. Cancer is a cardinal water sign all about emotional support and security, while Leos are far more interested external praise and expressing themselves as boldly as possible. Because of this, Cancer may oftentimes see Leo as self-absorbed, while Leo may feel that Cancer is oversensitive. Though they both care deeply for their loved ones, they express it in different ways: Cancers are the shoulder you cry on; Leo reminds you that you’re a boss. An interesting dynamic, and definitely one that may not be sustainable over time.

Leo And Leo Compatibility

This friendship is either instant or impossible, because these two have very large personalities. The good thing is, two Leo friends can naturally understand the other one’s needs, but because this zodiac sign has a tendency to be a little demanding, they may not always mesh well. Since Leos are incredibly dominant people, they typically need someone who’s not as needy as they are, so that the other person can give them the attention they’re looking for. Two Leos in a friendship may struggle with meeting the other one’s desire for validation, because they’re looking to obtain it for themselves. While this friendship could easily work out, it’ll depend on how flexible this pair can be when it comes to supporting and encouraging the other, without feeling as if their own needs are being neglected.

Virgo And Leo Compatibility

These two signs couldn’t be more different, which may or may not work in their favor. In a friendship, Virgo is all about offering acts of service and giving you logical, matter-of-fact advice when you need it, whereas Leo is likely to give you a confidence boost and take you out to lunch when you’re feeling down. Virgo is also a reserved earth sign, whereas Leo is a larger-than-life fire sign. Because of their stark differences, these two may rarely see eye to eye, making maintaining a friendship somewhat challenging. If Virgo can understand Leo’s need to be the center of attention, and Leo can accept Virgo’s nit-picky way of trying to help, they may actually stand a chance.

Libra And Leo Compatibility

This friendship is a strong one, since Libra is a Venus-ruled air sign, and Leo is a sun-ruled fire sign. Libras are incredibly social, creative souls, and Leos are almost always the life of the party. Together, these two mesh well together, without stepping on the others toes, but this could also be the main issue in this relationship. Libras are incredibly non-confrontational people, while Leos rarely back down from a fight, and can be incredibly stubborn. Because of this, Libra may feel like Leo comes on a bit too strong, while Leo may see Libras as too passive. The good thing is, these two will easily always have a good time together, and will easily be the main characters of any party they walk into.

Scorpio And Leo Compatibility

As two fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo have plenty of things in common. They both crave security and stability in life, but for very different reasons. Scorpio is a water sign all about emotional security and protection, while Leo is more about consistently expressing themselves authentically. Because of their differences, Scorpio may see Leo as conceited or self-absorbed, while Leo may struggle to understand Scorpio’s intentions. They both are incredibly devoted people, however, so in a friendship, these two can always easily rely on the other. If their personality differences can be overlooked, this friendship is bound to last a very long time.

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