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To no one’s surprise, Libra loves the chase, and clingy is not quite their thing

Scorpio and Libra make an unexpected match. Whether as friends, dating, or in a committed relationship with a Pluto-ruled Scorpio, Libra will come to learn more about the depths of their soul. The question is, how far is Libra willing to go before they’ve reached their limit?

Libra and Scorpio as Friends

These two thrive beyond measure as besties. Libra’s intellect and knack for holding great conversations allows space for Scorpio to open up and come out of their shadowsmunication will be their saving grace, even though they might not always see eye to eye. Sometimes, communicating a lot-even to the point of overcommunicating-is important to make sure there’s no room for confusion and misunderstanding. After all, misunderstandings can lead to disagreements, which neither Scorpio nor Libra would like to face head-on.

Scorpio’s penetrating yet nurturing essence allows their Libra bestie to feel safe and reassured that no matter what, Scorpio will always be there for them. Scorpio’s possessive nature can at times turn sociable Libra off, as Libra enjoys meeting new people and creating new experiences. But when it comes to supporting one another, both Libra’s and Scorpio’s natural creativity encourages each other to pursue their given talents and challenges each other to think outside the box.

Sex Between Libra and Scorpio

All’s fun and games for Libra if these two choose the friends with benefits route. Unfortunately, for Scorpio, friends with benefits just doesn’t cut it. Intuitively, water sign Scorpio knows exactly what they want rather quickly, making an extended courtship too much to bear. Scorpio is an all or nothing kind of sign. senior match review Nothing more, nothing less.

However, once Libra and Scorpio meet up in the bedroom, both will be left breathless, forgetting about their mishaps or disagreements. Venus-ruled Libra’s natural sensuality pulls intense Scorpio into wanting more. Scorpio’s intense eye contact during sex allows Libra to feel fully seen, making it easier for Libra to submit and allow Scorpio to please them from head to toe.

Once the steam cools off in the bedroom, Scorpio will find themselves falling deeper and deeper for their Libra partner, making friends with benefits a bit more complicated than Libra could have planned for. Once Scorpio’s emotions are heavily invested, the lifespan of casual sex and one-off dates is very short-lived.

Libra and Scorpio in a Relationship

With a Libra-Scorpio relationship, watch out for an increased sense of codependency. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony, peace, and balance, and this can make it a bit challenging for Libra to set strict boundaries with their Scorpio partner. The deeply intense yet alluring energies of Pluto-ruled Scorpio can easily blur the lines that Libra tries to set for themselves. Libra’s “go with the flow” indecisive attitude makes it challenging for Libra to stick to the boundaries they’ve tried to set for themselves to begin with.

Patience is a virtue for Libra and Scorpio. Once Scorpio makes a commitment to their Libra partner, you can expect that Scorpio will be down to ride till the very end. Libra’s social, full-of-life personality will help their Scorpio lover learn to live in the moment and open themselves up to all the beauty the world has to offer. In order to keep this relationship going strong, Scorpio will need to honor Libra’s need for the space to enjoy life with friends and family outside of the relationship. In the same breath, Libra will need to honor Scorpio’s need for total solitude when Scorpio’s social meter runs out. It’s important that Libra trusts their Scorpio partner and takes nothing personally.

Libra and Scorpio in a Marriage

Both Scorpio and Libra act as mirrors for each other, and choosing to finally tie the knot and say “I do” to forever works out for the best. In marriage or long-term commitment, possessive Scorpio can finally breathe a little easier, knowing that they have their Libra through sickness and in health. To no one’s surprise, Libra thoroughly enjoys being wanted and overly protected by their Scorpio spouse. As these two enjoy living life by their own rules, they can sometimes struggle to see eye to eye. For Libra and Scorpio, both their feelings and their voice must be heard-it’s nonnegotiable. In order to keep this area of the ily and marriage therapy both pre- and post-marriage will do wonders to strengthen the union.

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