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Tyrus suggests bartenders serve beer from inside the a good martini glass with a good garnish

Kat reminds listeners whenever it said anything unpleasant in the Preschool, they’ve been canceled. and you can Tyrus and you will Kat wonder if delivering a bacterial infection out-of laying sites des rencontres arabes inside the bean dip counts while the an effective ‘stunt.’ Clean Dish Club: Tyrus and you can Kat say to maybe not get-off any half of-drank dining at the rear of from the a crime world. Follow Tyrus towards the Myspace: Follow Kat Timpf toward Myspace:

Score Starving: Tyrus shares their favourite location for poultry and you may waffles

Tyrus shows the true need Kat bullies your for their dinner currency. Kat and you will Tyrus falter the coded vocabulary out-of a beneficial Dr. Seuss classic. And Kat shows you how a date after kept their ground the brand new expenses from the a club. Hot Procedure: Discover what may have happened so you can Kat’s mental assistance scorpion. Go after Tyrus into the Fb: Pursue Kat Timpf towards Twitter:

Kat shows you why this lady French bulldog thinks he’s more challenging than just an effective horse. Tyrus offers the brand new bombshell “truth” on how Mr. Potato direct turned into well-known. Kat suggests an educated reason to utilize to get out regarding carrying out just about anything. Analysis Right up: Tyrus provides listeners a homework assignment. Follow Tyrus towards Twitter: Go after Kat Timpf on the Twitter:

Kat happens solo about week’s episode. To have undisclosed reasons, Kat enjoys purchased several wigs on line. Kat demonstrates to you as to why Carl whines beside the washing machine. State What: Find out as to why Kat is think one to-night-merely skills titled: “Tyrus in the Accumulated snow.” Go after Tyrus towards the Facebook: Pursue Kat Timpf to the Fb:

Tyrus and you can Kat mention certain pleasing advancements into Greg Gutfeld Tell you. They both jeopardize to drink Cucumber-Melon Hair care. Sticky Condition: Discover what Tyrus would do if the guy was the latest Chief executive officer from Gorilla Glue. Pursue Tyrus toward Twitter: Pursue Kat Timpf on Facebook:

Kat reveals the situation which have grannies just who have fun with the harbors. Tyrus and you may Kat talk about what takes place in order to medication at the highest altitudes. and Tyrus shows you exactly how fermented fresh fruits can lead to problems for people in-flight. Follow Tyrus on Fb: Go after Kat Timpf into the Facebook:

Tyrus and you may Kat kick up to their next big business tip. Kat gives techniques for individuals struggling with using makeup. Tyrus and you may Kat identify why you ought to never ever trust a great goose. Score Loud: Tyrus shares what album he is already been jamming off to recently.

Find out as to why Kat says, “it’s best that you feel alive.” Tyrus reveals the reasons why you can not book mansions while having bankrupt family. And you can Tyrus and Kat manage a new federal holiday. Drive-By: Buddy of one’s podcast, Dion Baia, parent into miss things regarding to possess Tyrus. Realize Tyrus to your Fb: Go after Kat Timpf towards Facebook:

Tyrus demonstrates to you just how the guy accidently ordered 4 ball pythons

Tyrus shows you how they are becoming more judgmental as he ages. Tyrus reveals their position into the restaurants bugs. And you may Tyrus offers as to why Australia seems to be doing everything right. Shake Things Up: Tyrus is joined by the his spouse, Ingrid Rink. Go after Tyrus towards the Fb: Pursue Kat Timpf towards Facebook:

Just after criminal protests within Us Capitol with the Wednesday, Tyrus takes towards the podcast to help you weighin towards the America’s governmental environment, brand new character of main-stream news and you can what the You.S. needs to do because the a country to begin with so you can fix. Follow Tyrus for the Myspace: Follow Kat Timpf on Fb:

Tyrus Kat remember regarding the the best periods from the in love 12 months and Kat warnings facing thought something often amazingly score best immediately after it’s 2021. Follow Tyrus towards Twitter: Realize Kat Timpf on the Myspace:

This christmas: Tyrus shows you how he’ll you will need to connect Father christmas that it year. Kat shares the lady unique venture off their family’s journey. Last Christmas: Tyrus Kat flashback to a separate track away from past year’s Christmas occurrence. Realize Tyrus with the Facebook: Follow Kat Timpf into Fb:

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